Honeywell Analytics Biosystems PHD6

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Features Include:

  • 5 Sensor Ports and 19 Sensor Options - With 19 sensor choices, including PID, IR-CO2, IR-CH4, conventional LEL, oxygen and 15 different toxic gas sensors including Duo-Tox, the Biosystems PHD6 can be configured for just about any use
  • PID Sensor Option - PID sensor monitors for hundreds of known VOCs
  • IR CO2 Sensor Option - For breweries, wineries and anywhere accumulations of CO2 can be an issue
  • Electrochemical Sensor Options - Choose from 14 different electrochemical toxic gas sensors
  • LEL Sensor Option - A catalytic hot-bead LEL sensor is available for the detection of combustible gases and vapors
  • IR CH4 Sensor option - Poison-proof technology for use in situations where a conventional LEL sensor can fail
  • Durable - The Biosystems PHD6 is enclosed in a solid polycarbonate case with a TPE (rubber) overmold, so it’s both tough and easy to handle
  • Interchangeable Battery Packs - Both Li-Ion and Alkaline battery packs offer up to 24 hour run times
  • Dual Audible Alarms that Stand Out! - The new dual audible alarms in the Biosystems PHD6 are unlike anything you’ve ever heard from a gas detector and rated at 92 dB
  • Visible Alarms - Front and side mounted LED alarms are highly visible
  • Status Bar with Easily Recognized Symbols - Icons let the user know the status of the instrument. A heartbeat symbol beats every few seconds to let you know that the instrument is functioning normally. Calibration due is shown with a gas cylinder icon coupled with a triangular warning symbol
  • IQ Dock Compatability - Reduce labor costs, automate record keeping and save calibration gas all at the same time with the IQ6 Dock
  • Intuitive Menu-Driven Instrument Configuration - Select from the Main Menu or the Basic Menu. Access all instrument configuration options from alarm settings to passcode access option to menus
  • Built-In IR Port for Easy Downloads - Every Biosystems PHD6 includes a built-in IrDA port that allows the instrument to be configured with a PC. The IrDA port also allows instruments with the Datalogger upgrade to be downloaded in the field to retrieve data on calibrations and exposure levels
  • Certifications - SGS USTC Class I Division 1 Groups A,B,C,D Temp Code T3C (Approved to UL-913) ■  ATEX (DEMKO) Ex d ia IIC 150°C (T3) ■ IECEx Ex d ia IIC 150°C (T3) ■ CSA Class I Division 1 Groups A,B,C,D Temp Code T3C ■ NEPSI (Chinese) Approval Ex d ia IIC 150°C (T3)

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