Equipment Service


Q: Can Certified Air Safety calibrate my equipment?

A: We can definitely calibrate your equipment if it is a manufacturer that we carry. For a full list of of our supported manufacturers, please visit our manufacturers section.


Q: Are you able to repair my equipment as well?

A: In most cases yes, depending on the model/manufacturer and the condition it is in. If your equipment is beyond repair or replacement parts are no longer available, we will contact you to discuss alternatives to get you back up and operating as quickly as possible.


Q: What kind of turnaround time can I expect on service?

A: On average we are able to complete requested service(s) on your equipment within 3-5 business days. Any extra time on waiting for your equipment to return would be due to transit issues with the shipping company (Fedex, UPS, etc.).


Q: Do I need an RA (Return Authorization) form before I send my equipment to you?

A: Certified Air Safety does offer our own RA Form for your use, however if your company requires that you use their's then that's fine as well. The only information that would be required to be on your company form would be;


  • Your Name or Receiving Party's Name
  • Return Shipping Address
  • Billing Address
  • Your Phone Number



Q: Should I send the complete kit to you?

A: If possible, that would be ideal. Having the full kit will allow us to fully test all aspects of the system to ensure the repair is done right the first time.


Q: Should I send the gas cylinders from my kit as well?

A: We strongly advise against sending the cylinders from your kit mostly due to freight prices for hazardous materials. If you have questions about the cylinder(s), we suggest contacting us first.


Q: Are walk-ins accepted if I am in the area?

A: If you are in the Vancouver Washington area you are always welcome to bring your equipment to us. This link will help you to get driving directions to our shop.