Does Certified Air Safety Carry Gas Detector Parts?


Q: Does Certified Air safety offer replacement parts for my portable gas detection tools?

A: Yes we do! We carry a large stock of parts and sensors for a many different portable instruments both new and discontinued. If you're not sure of what parts will be needed, or if you're having a hard time locating the proper parts from other websites, contact us and we will help you get on your way.


Q: I have a piece of equipment that needs a replacement part installed. Can Certified Air Safety do that for me?

A: Yes we can via our Service Department. Contact us with your questions or concerns and with as much information possible about the equipment that needs servicing. We will help you get the equipment to us as quickly as possible for servicing.


Q: Does your Service Department have any kind of certifications in regards to servicing my equipment?

A: Our Service Department currently holds the following certifications;

Biosystems: factory certified and warranty level service
BW Technologies: factory certified service
Survivair: factory certified and warranty level service
Thermo Scientific/GasTech: factory certified and warranty level service


Q: I know the replacement part I want and I need it RIGHT NOW! Can you help?

A: We can ship most parts same day, for next day delivery. We use UPS for this service, or a different delivery service if you request it. Please let us know which date you are needing the part(s) by and if there is a particular shipping method preferred. To help expedite the process, it is advised that you call us directly and speak with us so we can better assist you.


Q: Do you have any more information on shipping I could read?

A: We sure do! We have a list of common questions and answers in regards to shipping, no matter how small or large the request is. If you don't spot the answer you were looking for, give us a call and we'll be happy to help you get on your way.